Sunday, November 4, 2012

B-liv Glow and Shine

Ever since I stopped having breakouts, I realised the my skin has become drier and there are enlarged pores on the cheek and nose if you look close enough. I'm not blessed with flawless skin like korean actresses but I hope I can at least look good with minimal makeup.

Therefore, I've been looking for some mask or exfoliating shit that can help to renew and smoothen the skin. And I found one perfect product today!!!

Remember B-liv Off with those heads serum? Its like one of the best invention in world following 3M acne patch. And now,  introducing B-liv Glow and Shine skin smoothening mask! Another product worth to splurge on.

It helps in exfoliating, pore reducing, and brightening. Sounds perfect right? After you cleanse your face, just apply a thick layer over your face and wait for 5 to 10mins. You will feel a slight cooling effect on your skin. After that just wet your palms and gently exfoliate the skin. And rinse! 

Immediately, your skin feels smooth and the pores feel tighten. This product helps to deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin. Lightens, brightens dull and uneven skin tone.The smell is amazing too, smells like spa or something like that. I swear your skin will lighten by one shade immediately. 

Use once a week will do. 

 Go get from SASA now, its rather expensive for the size. $34.95 with another 20% off now.

Say hello to smooth PERFECT skin in no time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Eyeliner

Which eyeliner doesn't smudge? 

Especially in this stupid humid Singapore, girls with oily, combination or oily eyelids will tend to look like a panda after lunchtime. Over the years, I've been searching for the perfect eyeliner for myself. From pencil to marker tip, to brush, to gel and rouge. I have selected a few which are not bad... suitable for this hot weather, after sports, or after crying whatever, the liner will still be there.

My ultimate favourite, #1 THE EXTRA HEAVY EYELINER from SANA. (The top one in this photo)
It has a soft brush tip, flat brush for you to line from very thin to thick line. This is so far the best ever (I've actually blogged about it long ago, but I'm going to do it again)

It doesn't smudge and its easy to use. I happened to cry like hell once with that eyeliner on. I stained the stupid pillows with black greenish purplish stains but none gets on my skin. I'm surprised too. Since then, I trusted this eyeliner so much that I think I am going to use it forever.

Another similar quality one will be the Dollywink. Costly but not bad I can say..just that the black color may not be as define as this one.
2nd down, another liquid liner from #2 Le Rose de Versailles. Its a Japanese brand actually, the one that I'm using is a brown color one. With a soft brush tip too. Easy to use, smudge proof, great in creating a softer look. I usually use it on the undereye. 

The rest here are all crayon and gel liners. The top one is a Korea product call #3 Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner. There's many colors for this one, and I got myself black and beige. Beige for the waterline / inner corner of the eye to brighten the look. Korean girls use this on the undereye to create a so called Ulzzang look. This is definitely one of the most lasting gel liner I've used! No need to sharpen it, just twist from the top and the lead will extend. Great product!

Next one down... #4 Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof gel liner. The one I have here is dark green in color. Also a good product, but this is not smudge proof, you get dark stains on the undereye sometimes if the weather is really bad. Same goes to the next one #5 Cream Pencil from Majolica Majorca. Easy to draw, smooth and creamy but not smudge free. To prevent smudges, I will usually line a layer of same color eyeshadow over it.

The last one! #6 Superliner from Loreal. It is a creamy pencil liner with a super fine tip. Pretty smudgeproof, great for drawing the waterlines.

Besides all these, I've also tried Kate, Cezanne, Canmake, Heavy Rotation and My Heroine. Most Japanese eyeliners are not bad. The brands worth buying is definitely those from SANA, My Heroine and Dollywink. The rest...don't bother actually, especially Canmake. Probably only suitable for very dry complexion or dry and cold weather like Japan.

TIP: Always remember to pat some eyeshadow over the eyeliner if they still smudge on your eyelid.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The correct skincare process

How many skincare product do you use on your face? 
Are you using them correctly? 
You may be spending at least $100 on a bottle of essence, but if you don't use them correctly, your money will go to waste. Because the product will not have any effect on your skin.

So, let me teach you the correct skincare process!!!

Basic skincare:

Day: Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Essence-->Moisturizer-->Sunblock-->Makeup

Night: Makeup remover-->Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Essence-->Moisturizer-->Sleeping mask

Whitening and blemish skincare:

Day: Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Blemish product-->Moisturizer-->Sunblock-->Makeup

Night: Makeup remover-->Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Blemish product-->Whitening moisturizing mask-->Moisturizer

Anti aging and wrinkle skincare:

Day: Cleanse-->Toner-->Eye product-->Anti aging product-->Moisturizer-->Sunblock-->Makeup

Night: Makeup remover-->Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Essence-->Whitening moisturizing mask


Skincare process is an art too. 
Print this and paste it on your dressing table please.


Bought Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream and Canmake Lower Lash Mascara today! 

Will be trying them out soon. Look out for the review.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sleepy Droopy

Here's a random post on my stupid lazy rabbit.



The secret of flawless face!

No more soft focus to achieve the flawless look! I'm going to share this secret remedy to people with pok acne face,oily skin and blackheads whiteheads prone face.

So read carefully~!

My complexion belongs to the oily to combination type. Probably getting a little dry at some areas as I aged... I thought its the end of having rough skin and nose after discovering the self heating pore pack from Etude House along with the strongest black pore pack ever from Watsons.

BUT! But but but! 

I've made a bigger discovery on how to achieve flawless skin while I was surfing randomly online. 
And that is....using the Johnsons and Johnsons baby pure cornstarch powder!

Using cornstarch powder on face is actually some old traditional granny skincare method in the past. I almost thought it was a myth until I use it on myself. Its damn easy to use and in 3 days to 1 week, you can see the difference on your face. It helps to dry up pimples and scars, prevent future pimples from forming, makes your skin whiter and in fact, smaller pores.

Along with cornstarch powder, here's another product highly recommended by me. It's call B-liv off with those heads. It helps to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, really really effective and easy to use too! I use these 2 products together and now I can almost dump my concealors and I save so much time in putting on make up every morning.

Steps to getting flawless face:

1. Wash and tone your face as usual
2. Apply B-liv to areas prone to blackheads and whiteheads (like nose and cheeks)
3. Apply your whatever other skincare products 
(tip: The correct sequence should be toner, pimple treatment essence. serum, eyecream, moisturizer, night mask)
4. Finally seal your whole skin with moisturizer and night mask
5. Wait for skin to dry
6. Apply cornstarch powder all over your face avoiding your eyes

Continue this for 1 week and you will see the difference!

Where to buy:

You can only get the Johnsons and Johnsons Pure cornstarch powder from Nishino Pharmacy. (If you want to use normal cornstarch, you can try that tool Haha)
As for B-liv, its available in SASA.

You will thank me for this tip. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 5 Barcelona

Day 5 in Barcelona! Here's the famous Boqueria Market near our apartment.
Early in the morning, we went to the market to look for some food.

And you cannot imagine our happiness when we spotted this Korean stall! Finally!! Asian food!!
I think this ajuuma also very happy to see us.

After buying our Korean food, we just explore the market randomly. Its so damn colourful that we need to camwhore all the time. As usual, we got weird stares from people.

Disgusting innets from fish or what.


Rabbit meat. Droopy is such a fortunate rabbit in Singapore.

As we approach the sweets stall, we spotted a hot guy!

Ta dah!! Backview also hot right? He is 1.9m tall, Japanese and Spanish mix blood.
 He's a model, actor and singer.
And I really love him!!

He is Shirota Yu!! OMFG!!!! Why would I even see him in Barcelona?

Is this love?
Anyway, we moved on...cos we need to look for this flea market call Encants Vells.
And we took forever to find this place. Asked alot of Spanish people, female, male, old and young. Until we met this old man who gave us an important hint. That is to look for a long egg-shaped building. Once we see that, we will be near to the flea market.

And we walked FOREVER!

Finally reached Encants Vells. Actually nothing special here and it seems like a dangerous place with lots of pickpockets.

Moved on!

A photo of my eyelash of the day. Our apartment was so dark that I can't see where the hell I'm sticking my falsies. LOL!

Lunchtime.The Korean food we bought from the stall.And expected its super salty and not really that nice. But still better than hard cold bread in Spain. We found a empty spot by the street and ate our lunch there. Nice breezy day, and saw an over enthu dog which keep wanting to jump on us.

Next up, we attempted to take the tram back. But ended up wasting 1 ticket and took the wrong direction tram. Anyway...

Finally we managed to visit the Picasso Art Gallery!

The only photo I managed to take inside the gallery. Phototaking is prohibited.
Good to see some of his great artwork. Although half the time we are trying to analyse whether Picasso is gay. LOL... but seems like he is not.

Here is me being rude to Picasso.

Back to Las Ramblas and our legs are going to break cos we kept going round in loops. Losing our direction we ended up walking 1 big round! 

This church....we've seen it TWICE

 Attempted to take a photo of a princess looking at her castle here.


Come meet this cute guy selling bread. Gerkiel's eyecandy and we named him 麵包男. (Basically means bread seller man. LOL)

Then, meet my eyecandy 巧克力男! Basically means chocolate seller man. I know the picture is very small. But...still cute right? Frankly speaking, Spanish men are hot stuff. Minus off those stalkers, perverts and weird looking old man to stare at us. Lots of hot Spanish man around~

And dinner of the night. KFC......that taste like shit.
Overprice and really.....not nice!! Sob!
And its weird how they have security guards all everywhere. Even inside KFC!
The main door is guarded by KFC bouncers. Funny right?

On our way home we spotted The Mask! 

How cool is that? And indeed Day 5 is super tiring for us!

Day 4 Barcelona

Day 4! 
Took a day trip package to the outskirts area of Barcelona. Finally away from the pickpockets and messy Las Ramblas!

Seriously, I don't remember much of where we went, since this is such a backdated post. But, I will try my best to remember! 

Here we are at at Montserrat located in Catalunya. Here's where we get to know about the secrets of the 'Black Madonna' and the history of the Montserrat’s Boys’ Choir. Quite an eerie atmosphere inside the Monastery. Especially the Black Madonna thingy. Reminds me of cult and the  Gregorians and stuff like that. 
But it was quite funny when Gerkiel's (a friend) handphone suddenly lost control and began to pay the MP3 automatically. The caucasian women infront really gave us this super dirty look.

It was so cold and we went for some liqour testing to warm ourselves up. But beyond our expectations, the women whose pouring the liqour for us poured so fast that we had to gulp down 3 types of liqour consecutively. The alcohol content is so high I can feel that my throat is burning! It was a long Q behind us and that makes us even more stressful to finish whatever that was given to us.

But quite interesting actually. I can still remember the hazelnutty smell of one of the liqour. Nice!

After that we made our way down to Sitges. Breathtaking scenery and this tranquil little town reminds me of the streets in those fairy tales. Visited the Casa Bacardi rum museum at Sitges, quite boring but we had the best Mojito ever here. Their rum is really one of the best, and its interesting how they poured the rum on our hands, and ask us to rum our palms together and smell the flavor.

Guess what, the smell actually changes each time you rub it as it reacts with the heat and air. I can't remember the sequence of the scent but its quite amazing. The scent changes from a vodka kind of smell to something citrus, then slowly something sweet like the Vanilla.  

Then we are taught how to make Mojitos! Cheers!

Here's some nice photos along the streets of Sitges.

Spotted this ah ma who is waving at us at her balcony. It's like so fairytale!!

The sea!!

Indeed a place to fall in love with...

Look what I found! Something the squirrels like.

One of the cutest baby ever! Had a good time playing with him.

Finally back to Las Ramblas and we found a nice little shop with Churros and chocolates...

Ended our night with this thick creamy chocolate and eyecandy "Chocolate Man" from this cafe!