Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had the 1st yakisoba when I was in Tokyo. It's cooked by my favourite person. Its just simple japanese fried noodles with pork, cabbage, carrots, onions inside. But it taste so good! I think it might be the sauce...or the noodles... or just my favourite person's skill. Anyway, I fell in love.

Back in SG, I attempted to cook yakisoba. Trying hard to recall the ingredients, the way to flip the pan and the amount of sauce to pour. My yakisoba ended up yucky. Its soggy!! I cannot stand soggy noodles...... It was a disappointment. Although brother love it.

Anyway, I kind of stop cooking yakisoba for the moment. Cos I figured out that it might be the water that cause my soggy noodles. That time in tokyo it was winter, so tap water are freezing! And perhaps that is why the noodles are bouncy n chewy. Maybe?? No use debating it. I shall just eat the yakisoba cooked by favourite person. But, that is in Japan.....and if I happen to go back to Toshima-ku which is at Ikebukuro which is in Tokyo which is... Japan. So, I will just settle for the instant yakisoba!!

This is the brand!!! I had recommended it to many friends and they love it. Dont bother to try other brand. Just this! Its available in Meidiya and Isetan supermarket. Yum yum! Its recently up on 8days too. I realised 8days always featured the stuff I recommend. Haha, I shall post all my findings here before they publish! Heh~

Although it is quite expensive for an instant noodle. But, if it makes you happy then why not? Since you are going to eat some unhealthy, quick, cheapo noodles. Why not choose the best? Sometimes, we just need to enjoy life, to do nothing and just indulge~

Go get your own high class noodles now~!

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