Monday, May 10, 2010


Everybody around me is going to...coming back..or planning to go to Japan. I feel happy for them cos its a nice place to visit once in a lifetime. I can never stop missing that country.

Recently my friend just came back from Japan with a whole load of my favourite Rhoto lychee eyedrops, candydoll make up and Fancl. I am happy~~~! Now, another dear friend will be going over to Tokyo soon! And this time, I want Duffy!

I am not a teddy bear person. It is quite stupid to buy a stupid bear for myself. That is something which a boyfriend should buy. But... but... nobody is going to buy Duffy for me except myself. I guess... So, I hope she can get me Duffy from Disneysea!!

By the way, Duffy is not some daffy duck. There's a touching story behind it ok. Its Minnie's hand made little bear specially for Mickey when he went sailing. Whenever Mickey look at Duffy, he will think of Minnie. Long distance love! Its so sweet~ I can't help it but to buy that ugly little bear.

I hope I can have my Duffy soon~~~~~

The female Duffy! So cute~

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