Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hime Gyaru

What is hime fashion? Its the anime, princessy, kind of look. Hime made me think of the laces, pearls, gems, pink, tiaras, lolitas, mary jane shoes, dolly eyelash, big fluffy hair, blah blah blah...u got it?

Nah, this is it!

I heart them! They are sooo sweet laaaaaa....

But I probably would'nt go out wearing those. I'll get stares from old people hahaha. But someday I hope I can get myself into that pincessy outfit and pretend to be a 1 day princess. Hmm.. probably on my wedding day.

Anyway, here's a video on How to be a Hime Gyaru. Its one the show from Kawaii TV. I love the hair! So preeety~


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