Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 4 Barcelona

Day 4! 
Took a day trip package to the outskirts area of Barcelona. Finally away from the pickpockets and messy Las Ramblas!

Seriously, I don't remember much of where we went, since this is such a backdated post. But, I will try my best to remember! 

Here we are at at Montserrat located in Catalunya. Here's where we get to know about the secrets of the 'Black Madonna' and the history of the Montserrat’s Boys’ Choir. Quite an eerie atmosphere inside the Monastery. Especially the Black Madonna thingy. Reminds me of cult and the  Gregorians and stuff like that. 
But it was quite funny when Gerkiel's (a friend) handphone suddenly lost control and began to pay the MP3 automatically. The caucasian women infront really gave us this super dirty look.

It was so cold and we went for some liqour testing to warm ourselves up. But beyond our expectations, the women whose pouring the liqour for us poured so fast that we had to gulp down 3 types of liqour consecutively. The alcohol content is so high I can feel that my throat is burning! It was a long Q behind us and that makes us even more stressful to finish whatever that was given to us.

But quite interesting actually. I can still remember the hazelnutty smell of one of the liqour. Nice!

After that we made our way down to Sitges. Breathtaking scenery and this tranquil little town reminds me of the streets in those fairy tales. Visited the Casa Bacardi rum museum at Sitges, quite boring but we had the best Mojito ever here. Their rum is really one of the best, and its interesting how they poured the rum on our hands, and ask us to rum our palms together and smell the flavor.

Guess what, the smell actually changes each time you rub it as it reacts with the heat and air. I can't remember the sequence of the scent but its quite amazing. The scent changes from a vodka kind of smell to something citrus, then slowly something sweet like the Vanilla.  

Then we are taught how to make Mojitos! Cheers!

Here's some nice photos along the streets of Sitges.

Spotted this ah ma who is waving at us at her balcony. It's like so fairytale!!

The sea!!

Indeed a place to fall in love with...

Look what I found! Something the squirrels like.

One of the cutest baby ever! Had a good time playing with him.

Finally back to Las Ramblas and we found a nice little shop with Churros and chocolates...

Ended our night with this thick creamy chocolate and eyecandy "Chocolate Man" from this cafe!


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