Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ikeda Spa

This is an outdated birthday post!

This birthday, I intend to spend it alone in a Japanesey theme... Its a lonely yet perfect day, having to meet nice people, doing my atas facial and having a quiet little dinner alone complete with fireworks.

And I finally went to Ikeda Spa! Its located at Bt Timah, off Sixth Avenue. A pretty little place that reminds me of the ryokan in japan. Wanted to try out their onsen but too bad it the time of the month that I went for the expensive Deluxe Oxygen facial instead. I didnt take much pictures so here's some photos grabbed from the Facebook page!

I reached there early and there's one japanese ojisan sitting outside too. They gave me this nice little tea while I waited for the therapist to come.

Super relaxing inside and they actually have ViVi and Popteen magazines! cool~~~ I love my therepist too, she so gentle and pretty~ And her massage is good!!!

See! Very ryokan feel.... my facial was upstairs by the way. I think this is the corridoor for the massage and bath.

Wanted to so try this! Its their famous Hinoki bath. I'm going to try this next month.

And they do manicure too. Too bad dont have gel nails packages...

It was a 90mins therapy for my face and while i'm having my mask on, she actually massage my head, shoulder and back. The oxygen facial was surprisingly effective although I only doing it for the first time. I feel like i'm drowning in oxygen but my face felt so tight and clean after that. After the facial, my therapist directed me to a brighter toilet for me to touch up my face. And I think my face is glowing.... although didnt put any make up, but I still have the cheek to go all the way to Millenia Walk for dinner. My dark eye rings were gone after those massage.

The good thing is that they are not pushy over the pakages. I was talking to the guy, perhaps one of the partner for the spa. He has got flawless complexion and looks so much like a Japanese. Really nice and so knowledgeble on the facial products etc. I almost really wanted to sign the package la! But the location is too far from my house...hmm...

And its only a while after talking to him and I realised I go zero make up on my face! OMG......... hes the first man who've seen my bareface. Arg....... but I dont think its that bad...but anyway..... I love that place!

And see....after my facial I have this nice biscuit and another cup of tea again. The biscuit has got pressed flowers on it! And its a real flower....

I  miss Ikeda Spa already. And Im going to the onsen in next month. Yey~

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