Sunday, November 4, 2012

B-liv Glow and Shine

Ever since I stopped having breakouts, I realised the my skin has become drier and there are enlarged pores on the cheek and nose if you look close enough. I'm not blessed with flawless skin like korean actresses but I hope I can at least look good with minimal makeup.

Therefore, I've been looking for some mask or exfoliating shit that can help to renew and smoothen the skin. And I found one perfect product today!!!

Remember B-liv Off with those heads serum? Its like one of the best invention in world following 3M acne patch. And now,  introducing B-liv Glow and Shine skin smoothening mask! Another product worth to splurge on.

It helps in exfoliating, pore reducing, and brightening. Sounds perfect right? After you cleanse your face, just apply a thick layer over your face and wait for 5 to 10mins. You will feel a slight cooling effect on your skin. After that just wet your palms and gently exfoliate the skin. And rinse! 

Immediately, your skin feels smooth and the pores feel tighten. This product helps to deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin. Lightens, brightens dull and uneven skin tone.The smell is amazing too, smells like spa or something like that. I swear your skin will lighten by one shade immediately. 

Use once a week will do. 

 Go get from SASA now, its rather expensive for the size. $34.95 with another 20% off now.

Say hello to smooth PERFECT skin in no time.


Mr & Mrs said...

Hehe thanks for the recommendation; my pores around the t zone are clogged and enlarged too, while the rest of the face has dry skin :(

Anyway, do you have any recommendations for paper masks, and leave in night masks? :)

ももそら said...

Hi~!! Some masks may be too rich for the face therefore they might give u little bumps or oil clots on the cheek area. You may go for more hydrating ones like Neutrogena Deep hydrating mask. Its just nice and also smoothens the skin. Another recommendation will be Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus night jelly. Try googling them for more info. Hope it helps! :)

Mr&Mrs said...

Hehe I just got both today! Was contemplating getting the eye jelly too, but anyway they were out of stock. So I think I'll try the face one first!

I'm also gonna get the B liv! Lol. Time to start taking care of my skin

ももそら said...

Yea!! Naruko products are really good. B-liv too...i jus got a few anti aging mask from B-liv. Wonder if its good...will blog bout it soon. Haha!Anyway B-liv glow and shine is really good! I used last night and it amazed me again~~