Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 5 Barcelona

Day 5 in Barcelona! Here's the famous Boqueria Market near our apartment.
Early in the morning, we went to the market to look for some food.

And you cannot imagine our happiness when we spotted this Korean stall! Finally!! Asian food!!
I think this ajuuma also very happy to see us.

After buying our Korean food, we just explore the market randomly. Its so damn colourful that we need to camwhore all the time. As usual, we got weird stares from people.

Disgusting innets from fish or what.


Rabbit meat. Droopy is such a fortunate rabbit in Singapore.

As we approach the sweets stall, we spotted a hot guy!

Ta dah!! Backview also hot right? He is 1.9m tall, Japanese and Spanish mix blood.
 He's a model, actor and singer.
And I really love him!!

He is Shirota Yu!! OMFG!!!! Why would I even see him in Barcelona?

Is this love?
Anyway, we moved on...cos we need to look for this flea market call Encants Vells.
And we took forever to find this place. Asked alot of Spanish people, female, male, old and young. Until we met this old man who gave us an important hint. That is to look for a long egg-shaped building. Once we see that, we will be near to the flea market.

And we walked FOREVER!

Finally reached Encants Vells. Actually nothing special here and it seems like a dangerous place with lots of pickpockets.

Moved on!

A photo of my eyelash of the day. Our apartment was so dark that I can't see where the hell I'm sticking my falsies. LOL!

Lunchtime.The Korean food we bought from the stall.And expected its super salty and not really that nice. But still better than hard cold bread in Spain. We found a empty spot by the street and ate our lunch there. Nice breezy day, and saw an over enthu dog which keep wanting to jump on us.

Next up, we attempted to take the tram back. But ended up wasting 1 ticket and took the wrong direction tram. Anyway...

Finally we managed to visit the Picasso Art Gallery!

The only photo I managed to take inside the gallery. Phototaking is prohibited.
Good to see some of his great artwork. Although half the time we are trying to analyse whether Picasso is gay. LOL... but seems like he is not.

Here is me being rude to Picasso.

Back to Las Ramblas and our legs are going to break cos we kept going round in loops. Losing our direction we ended up walking 1 big round! 

This church....we've seen it TWICE

 Attempted to take a photo of a princess looking at her castle here.


Come meet this cute guy selling bread. Gerkiel's eyecandy and we named him 麵包男. (Basically means bread seller man. LOL)

Then, meet my eyecandy 巧克力男! Basically means chocolate seller man. I know the picture is very small. But...still cute right? Frankly speaking, Spanish men are hot stuff. Minus off those stalkers, perverts and weird looking old man to stare at us. Lots of hot Spanish man around~

And dinner of the night. KFC......that taste like shit.
Overprice and really.....not nice!! Sob!
And its weird how they have security guards all everywhere. Even inside KFC!
The main door is guarded by KFC bouncers. Funny right?

On our way home we spotted The Mask! 

How cool is that? And indeed Day 5 is super tiring for us!

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