Saturday, April 10, 2010

The perfect eyelash glue

This is the most important factor to long lashes which can last for one whole day! Especially in such a humid weather like singapore. I used to stare at my falsies not knowing what to do with them. I just cant get them to fit nicely on my eyelid. Within 2 hours the corners will jut out poking my eye or the whole lash will attempt to get blow off by the wind...

But not anymore...cos i've found the perfect glue!! WAHAHHA.... people had been asking me whats the brand etc. Actually I cant remember, I peeled it off. Anyway the bottle looks abit like this. It comes with a brush. This glue is available in white (which turns clear when dried) and black which dont look obvious against your black eyeliner. I bought it from Far east plaza in a small little shop near the escalator. I think its level 3... near the fountain side.... the shop sell alot of make up stuffs, brushes...alots of fake eyelash. The auntie recommended me this glue. I shall go top up my stocks soon!
Good luck finding.
Next few brand are quite ok too although may not be as good as mine. HAha, I ranked mine number one, cos I have oily skin and I perspire easily. So far my eyelash had been good and sticking well on my oily eyelids la..
The other popular one is DUO. Quite a number of good reviews but the glue doesnt come with a brush, so you need to squeeze on your hands first then apply it onto the lash. Quite troublesome lah... This super common, can get anywhere in John little, SASA... but i dont like..hmm~

The other one is the glue for double eyelid. Since it can make single eyelid into double, the glue must be damn sticky right? Some models from the Japanese magazines use the eyelid glue as eyelash glue. Not a bad idea~

Lastly is the eyelash tape. I've used it before but not really good cos its expensive and quite hard to cut and fix onto the lash. It is sticky but not good to touch up. Anyway, not recommended lah. But you can get it in SASA.

Just some tips on wearing falsies. It is a must to trim the eyelash according to the length of your eye. Leave a 1cm gap between the lash and the inner corner of the eye. Draw your eyeliner first, then place the eyelash as close to your own lashline. Try not to put too much glue on the lash, but advisable to put slightly more on the 2 ends of the eyelash. Wait for it to be semi dry before putting it on your own eyelid. You can just use your hands, then adjust it abit. Try to push the lash upwards while adjusting so that it wont droop. Then put on some mascara so that it will merge well and look natural with your own eyelash. Finally curl it using the eyelash curler.

Done! very easy rite? Try it! I love fake eyelashes now!

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