Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eye make up for glasses

I was clearing leave these few days, wanted finish up my assignment but unfortunately I am down with a bad flu!! My assignment is a 4000 word paper and I think I've only written about less than 500....Very sad.

Anyway, nothing much happen recently except that its going to be Christmas and I need to finish 1 last assignment for this semester. Just paid my school fees of 3.5k and officially broke (well not really) cos this month is a rich month! I almost wanted to buy an air ticket to Japan. However, I need to get rid of all those distractions and temptations first before I submit my assigment. Good news while I was sick.... Got another distinction for my digital story! fact I got the criteria wrong and created a personal story instead which it shouldnt be the case. However, the lecturer still gave me a distinction! Yey...

Recently the weather is great! Cloudy~ and I can go out in all my thick sweater and fur. HAHA! I know its ridiculous in Singapore's weather. But not too bad cos everywhere is air conditioned. Whenever I bring my furry bad the fur tends to fly into my eye! Damn irritating.

And recently I've changed my hair parting. It makes me look less 'cute'. Sick of being cute already! I want to look pretty!!! but thats not the case usually too... I look weird with long fringe. So the most I could do is to swipe them to one side giving the illusion of longer fringe. (Finally my brows are not hidden) And I still havent manage to find my eyebrow pencil. So I had been surviving with the canmake eyebrow powder. Its my all time favourite! Very lasting and lightest shade I could find.

And.... I had been getting very bad eye infection very frequently too (fml). And I threw away most of my lenses. The one I'm wearing now is the grey lense I bought online. I forgot the name but the blogshop is listed on my sidebar. Damn cheap and good! It makes my eye twice as big! I'm also wearing Dollywink sweet girly lash #2.

Had been watching Ricebunny's youtube tutorial recently and I saw this useful video. Chic makeup for glasses! Really love this video and I'm going to try it out! Love her eyes..... but I think the effect wouldnt look as nice without those 15mm contact lense to enlarge the eyes.

Enjoy the video!

Fake spects, these glasses dont have lense in it.

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