Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Eyeliner

Which eyeliner doesn't smudge? 

Especially in this stupid humid Singapore, girls with oily, combination or oily eyelids will tend to look like a panda after lunchtime. Over the years, I've been searching for the perfect eyeliner for myself. From pencil to marker tip, to brush, to gel and rouge. I have selected a few which are not bad... suitable for this hot weather, after sports, or after crying whatever, the liner will still be there.

My ultimate favourite, #1 THE EXTRA HEAVY EYELINER from SANA. (The top one in this photo)
It has a soft brush tip, flat brush for you to line from very thin to thick line. This is so far the best ever (I've actually blogged about it long ago, but I'm going to do it again)

It doesn't smudge and its easy to use. I happened to cry like hell once with that eyeliner on. I stained the stupid pillows with black greenish purplish stains but none gets on my skin. I'm surprised too. Since then, I trusted this eyeliner so much that I think I am going to use it forever.

Another similar quality one will be the Dollywink. Costly but not bad I can say..just that the black color may not be as define as this one.
2nd down, another liquid liner from #2 Le Rose de Versailles. Its a Japanese brand actually, the one that I'm using is a brown color one. With a soft brush tip too. Easy to use, smudge proof, great in creating a softer look. I usually use it on the undereye. 

The rest here are all crayon and gel liners. The top one is a Korea product call #3 Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner. There's many colors for this one, and I got myself black and beige. Beige for the waterline / inner corner of the eye to brighten the look. Korean girls use this on the undereye to create a so called Ulzzang look. This is definitely one of the most lasting gel liner I've used! No need to sharpen it, just twist from the top and the lead will extend. Great product!

Next one down... #4 Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof gel liner. The one I have here is dark green in color. Also a good product, but this is not smudge proof, you get dark stains on the undereye sometimes if the weather is really bad. Same goes to the next one #5 Cream Pencil from Majolica Majorca. Easy to draw, smooth and creamy but not smudge free. To prevent smudges, I will usually line a layer of same color eyeshadow over it.

The last one! #6 Superliner from Loreal. It is a creamy pencil liner with a super fine tip. Pretty smudgeproof, great for drawing the waterlines.

Besides all these, I've also tried Kate, Cezanne, Canmake, Heavy Rotation and My Heroine. Most Japanese eyeliners are not bad. The brands worth buying is definitely those from SANA, My Heroine and Dollywink. The rest...don't bother actually, especially Canmake. Probably only suitable for very dry complexion or dry and cold weather like Japan.

TIP: Always remember to pat some eyeshadow over the eyeliner if they still smudge on your eyelid.

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