Monday, September 3, 2012

The correct skincare process

How many skincare product do you use on your face? 
Are you using them correctly? 
You may be spending at least $100 on a bottle of essence, but if you don't use them correctly, your money will go to waste. Because the product will not have any effect on your skin.

So, let me teach you the correct skincare process!!!

Basic skincare:

Day: Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Essence-->Moisturizer-->Sunblock-->Makeup

Night: Makeup remover-->Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Essence-->Moisturizer-->Sleeping mask

Whitening and blemish skincare:

Day: Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Blemish product-->Moisturizer-->Sunblock-->Makeup

Night: Makeup remover-->Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Blemish product-->Whitening moisturizing mask-->Moisturizer

Anti aging and wrinkle skincare:

Day: Cleanse-->Toner-->Eye product-->Anti aging product-->Moisturizer-->Sunblock-->Makeup

Night: Makeup remover-->Cleanse-->Tone-->Eye product-->Essence-->Whitening moisturizing mask


Skincare process is an art too. 
Print this and paste it on your dressing table please.


Bought Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream and Canmake Lower Lash Mascara today! 

Will be trying them out soon. Look out for the review.

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