Monday, September 12, 2011

Sake Appreciation

Who the hell gets up early in the morning and get intoxicated by sake ? That was what I did this weekend. Sake appreciation event at Kotobuki restaurant !

The japanese ojiisan is cute! Love him totally~ and of course we had tons of sake. Lunch was nice too!

But it's just so weird on a weekend morning. And guess what, it's suppose to be a 聯誼 event, in fact it is! But we are going there for sake. Anyway the guys are generally nice, except for an 'alternative' whose got the gay vibe. Haha!

Now I know sake has to be finished within 1 week prior opening! It's not like wine.... And generally, there's different types of sake.

1. Karakuchi 辛口 (dry sake)
2. Junmai 純米
3. Ginjyo 吟醸
4. Daiginjyo 大吟醸

Basically, the best one will be Junmai daiginjyo 純米大吟醸!a combi of all... Hahaha

Bad student .... But overall a good experience! Although it was shitty getting up early on weekend and Shenton way was like ghost town in the morning.

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