Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello world!

It has been a while again!! Since I posted something here. Perhaps there are too much changes in my life till I don't know what to update here anymore. So many changes here and there, in work, personal life and love life. So many changes till I don't know what is good and bad. Perhaps its how at look at it and everything can just be a blessing in disguise.

I should just go back to my old positive self, and everything will be better. Definitely.

Its lantern festival today again! Full of happy memories, grandpa, family, secondary school life~ HoweverI've past the age of fooling around with paper lanterns and candles, so eating mooncakes it shall be for tonight! And I guess for sushiman it will be the same, work and home. Perhaps.

I hope this bizarre Sept will end soon. And I look forward to my escapade to Barcelona and Tokyo!! Dou I really don't know what else can I do in Spain besides sketching along the streets of Barcelona, but I need a long break! Booked my tickets for Tokyo early next year and I'm already planning what to buy. WTH.....I think I will be too touched to go back and just stoned in the middle of the street or what.

Liz Lisa here I come!!! Hmm...there are so many things in Japan that I like, but sometimes.,...u know...perhaps its not always obvious to some.

As I was flipping my very tempting japanese magazines, my brain goes into this massive confusion on what to prioritise and what to KIV and what to BUY. I have to get that so called 24hr skin care foundation! Not sure what the hell is that  but it definitely looks good. And and and....lots of bath salt...and and and Sushiman is going to bring me to Ranking Queen at Shibuya! I went there once and love it totally...U can get all the top 10 products from Japan there. Me wanttttt!!!!

Arg, enough of all these. Time to getaway from this sunny island and stock up my winter wear!

But before that, here's a picture during Natsu Matsuri! (more to come...although its long overdue haha)


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