Monday, September 26, 2011

One of those days

My favorite statement recently. Shall not explain why but it just came to me during days like bosses are not in, nothing urgent due, weather is cooling but not raining thunderstorm and the time seems to move slower.

So, that's one of those days. And here I am blogging.

Recently Droopy has been moody. It has been so everytime after feeding her with the hairball removal biscuit. I wonder if shes having any tummy ache or what. But she refuse to come out even if I left her gate open.

Hmm.., female animals are difficult to understand. Anyway, time to get Droopy her favorite rabbit food, and I got some ingredients for okonomiyaki too. Going to try that out over the weekend.

Yesterday I was flipping through my magazine and saw a page talking bout crepes. And I got that bloody craving then I thought of the one I had in Harajuku! Sob !!!

Japan why u so far awayyyy?!

So, I bought the crepe from Liang Court. Not fantastic but better than I thought it would be. Look nice overall dou but.... Still... Even the one at Taka is nicer.

Brother had the savory one. Ham n cheese crepe.. Hmm...

Here's some photos !

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