Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Snapshot of the recent Droopy, she is just a big girl now. And last night it was ultimate! I intend to threw her current home ( a big house made of cardboard) away and brought her cage home from my office. The cage is very small for her but its the correct normal size for a rabbit. I guess shes used to staying in 'bungalows' so she ended up kicking up a fuss, shreding stuffs, flipping papers and hays and she made a big mess out of the new home.She bit and tug at the cage like nobody's business... I think shes going to tear away my hands if I'm going to put my hands inside her cage.....

The funny epic thing is, my bro went to check her out and put his head near her. In the end Droopy let out a huge angry sneeze and wet my  bro's face. LOL~!! We then let her out and she began to hide under the benches refusing to acknowledge anything. Not even her favourite apple from MEIDI-YA ok??? And I ended up eating the whole apple at 11pm.

Anyway, after much pacifying....(alot of pacifying) she finally stop struggling. And stayed at home with her grumpy face. LOL. So cute.

 Went to Haji lane last Friday and bought a few tops! Its on sale and there are sooo many things to buy!!!!
Got 2 vintage dresses and a rabbit tank top. Everything at a total of 60over bucks. Cheap!

And I saw this weird dress from a weird shop. Its a bizzare design, baby blue and pink, very distored cuts with motifs of black cats all around. Behind is a big U cut back and it looks clownish. But I cant get my eyes off that weird design. Best thing is, it comes matching with a guy's shirt! The guy's design looks much decent with more denim. Then I realised its designed by a Japan designer.

Suddenly, I imagined how I will look like wearing that in Harajuku. And I actually think that it looks pretty decent! Cool.... Too bad didnt take a picture of that.

So, this is my vintage nautical dress. Quite difficult to match with this muted green color...But I love it!

Shall update more again!! Stay tuned...

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