Saturday, July 23, 2011

Touching up cakey face

I've changed my base make up recently. I think its necessary to change your base make up according to your skin condition and weather. Although its always summer in Singapore, but the humidity always end up making the skin oily and make up cakey.

When I'm having breakouts, I'll go for BB cream with a higher coverage but a more hydrating one. Although I really love Revlon Softlex, but its still sort of too thick for the face. Current favourite is the Kameria Baby Face BB Cream. (Pink color one which is water base) I think I've mentioned this in my blog before. I love the smell and its coverage is good!!! But unfortunately, my face still ends up looking cakey at the end of the day,

And here's a small tip on repairing your cakey face!

1. Make up sponge
2. Facial mist
3. Face moisturizer
4. Concealor (for zits)
5. Compact powder

Wet your sponge a little and dab some face moisturizer on it. And dab them on your cakey face swiping them gently towards one direction. U will see that your make up will become even again.

Why not use blotter? because it will make your face oily again very fast and soon your make up will be cakey again......

Moisturizer will blend in well with your foundation since both contains oil. Therefore it will also blend well with your own oily face. haha.

After blending them, apply your concealor or powder as usual. Then finish off with facial mist.

Its a really good way to keep your face fresh! So always keep a sample size face moisturizer and a make up sponge with you.

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