Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shiro - White Olympus Creator XZ-1

Introducing Shiro! My new campanion since my last giant Olympus camera die on me. Got it with bro on the PC Fair and its dirt cheap. So tempted to get Olympus Pen cos its so pretty!!! But the lens is bloody big and heavy for me. And I don't need a professional camera anyway,'s Shiro.

So nice right? And its very good!!

Test shots

Soft focus


Dont know what mode is this...

Dramatic mode (love!)

and here's bedroom...

Haven't been blogging much recently. I guess thats becaus I havent been bringing my laptop home very often. My urge to on laptop is dead ever since Iphone comes into my life. But then, Iphone is so small to use for blogging...hmm...

Anyway, lifes not so bad after I graduate. Dou I need to spend a lot of money preparing for graduation. That sounds ridiculous but its real. And best thing is, i'm going to Spain in Oct! Barcelona here I come! Finally out of Japan, dou I'm planning for another trip to Tokyo in December. Its the Christmas season....

Other than spending money on trips, I just fell in love with the Decorative Eyelash. The quality is similar to Dollywink and its more affordable. Very popular in Japan too. Got it from Watsons in Vivocity. And by the way, I think thats the last Watsons in Singapore that still carries Dollywink products. Grab it soon~

Next up its Natsu Matsuri 2011! Anybody going? Its time to put on Yukata and take pictures.... Hopefully I can make it there this time......


Well, more updates!


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