Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent stay at Fullerton Bay and my Yojiya Blusher

Backdated post:
The most awesomest bathroom ever! It comes with bathsalt, body polish and a TV!

I can watch NHK while I soak myself

I got my Yojiya blusher from Narita Airport~! its very popular in Kyoto. This is a plum red color...A very strong red color and its not advisable to use it alone. Its very matt and gives a smooth flawless finish! Top it up with pearly white or baby pink color to neutralise the look! I got the very very bright pink shade when I was shopping at Narita airport 3years back. Its one of my favourite blusher cos its super lasting!! But mine crack recently and Im super sad. So here's my replacement!

They have other exotic colors white, blue, orange, yellow and different shades of pink. But some are eyeshadows. Its bout $33 sgd after conversion.Not cheap, but good quality.

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