Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free as a bird!

Haven't been blogging much!! After the devastating earthquake, blogging about Japan can be kind of sad. Plus I have to meet the deadlines for my final assignments. But...everything is coming to the end now! Finally completed all my semesters and I'm shocked at those bloody distinctions I have! Happieee~ I'm free as a bird now. But kind of lost,losing my sense of directions already cos theres nothing for me to prioritise now. Except the thought of going back to Tokyo, shopping, sipping tea, checking out cute guys breathing Japan.

Its not going to come true in another few months I guess. Due to the radiation problems. Perhaps the news are exxagerating everything. Life seems normal over in Tokyo and air tickets are bloody cheap!!! (It's cheap till I'm lost and hypervantilating in shock). I don't know what's stopping me.... Anyway, any Japanese friends will be too busy to entertain me now. So, not going to Tokyo until December. Intending to stay there for Christmas!

I miss the House of Ikebukuro! These are a few good place to stay in Tokyo. They are very very cheap and good.I will definitely go back there again!

For the time being, I'm going to Adelaide for graduation! But seriously speaking, i'm not very interested in Aussie. But its going to be a good experience! Now my life is back to normal, time to start writing those lyrics, play around with my instruments, paint a little, blog about Japan and fall in love with Japan once again!

Anyway, I cut my hair....

 So easy to curl and tie and do whatever I want. If I want it long, I'll just fix those extensions!


I miss those times when I need to study over a cup of coffee!
Haha! Good luck graduates~


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