Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canmake new Cheek & Cheek blusher

Free like a bird ! But too free.... Now I feel lost with no goals and objectives in life. Can't get to go Japan, don't feel like studying anything now YET and didnt sign up for any yoga or spa packages YET too. Life is just work, eat, sleep, play. 

But I feel like I'm wasting my youth away. I havent been writing lyrics too, nobody ask for any lyrics, no emails from school and teacher

Spring is back again!!

Pictures are taken with my iphone 4, resolution is shit. Its time to get a camera!!!
Anyway, I'm wearing my hair extensions today!Its super duper long and its alot of hair!

Anyway, Canmake released a new range of powder blusher call cheek & cheek. Its so fine and matt! I think its the best among all of the Canmake blusher. Just apply the darker color onto the apples of your cheek, then blend the light color all over the dark color. That will give u a fine gradient cheek color!

Personally, my favourite color is the Rose Tiara. Thats the dark pink and baby pink combi and it will give you the most girly look. I think that's the most popular color among all. The packaging is somehow Jill Stuart inspired.... Nice and princessy.

Check out the Canmake Site for more blushers!!

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