Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow

Tsubasa has this new range of eyeshadow and mascara. A different packaging unlike the usual dolly look. Love the new colours! Although I'm not sure whether they are shimmer or matt, the colours does look matt on screen~ You cant get these anywhere in SG yet, so gotta order them online. And my new favourite blogshop will be Stylegallerytokyo! Service is good and the price are reasonable enough. The price stated are already inclusive of shipping charges from Japan!
I'm thinking which colours to get...and i'll probably get this or the green and pink one (below).

Here's more of the new colors!

So nice right??? Its selling at $31.90 inclusive of shipping. I personally feel that its quite costly for an eyeshadow~ But worth a try.
There's this series of cream eyeshadow as well.

Anyway, I had been overspending for November! Lots of drinking, parties, birthdays etc.... Plus its the new range of fashion now. The autumn/winter look! Time to change the wardrobe as well. However, the stupid weather in SG doesnt allow too much coats and fur...*sad*
For a while I thought of escaping to Tokyo in Dec. I was browsing through the air tickets and the price was damn expensive. Peak season.... however, still cheaper than my tickets in the last christmas! Hmm, if only I have a cheaper place to stay in Tokyo. Then, I wouldnt mind staying there for a couple of weeks, or months!!
Spent some quality time alone today shopping & studying. Then I met this cute guy. Damn cute! He just reminded me of somebody. And there's this nice aura in him...the similar aura in sushi chan. The similar smiley face and thick dark hair. Haha~ Lusting over him!!
Okies...better sleep! みんさんおやすみ☆!

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