Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bihada Ichizoku

Recently Singapore is bringing in more products from Bihada Ichizoku (My Heroine). I love the manga girl packaging! But I think somehow it's not a very convincing packaging for their skincare range but good for their cosmetic range.
I had been looking for a face moisturizer but I dont want it to be too oily. Then I saw this product from Bihada Ichizoku. Its the finishing cream (moisturizer). Its in a gel form with no fragrance. After applying it with your fingers the gel will turn into water. Sinking into the skin and hydrating it. I tested the product on my hand and it made my hand super hydrated and smooth!!! So I decided to buy.
Overall its a good moisturizer thats not oily at all. I guess it keeps my skin hydrated but somehow there's this weird smell...which i dont realy like. And it doesnt hydrate my face as good as when I tested it on my hands. Haha... I probably wouldnt buy it the 2nd time and would rather stick to Rohto...


shanjae said...

I'm using this moisturiser too and I think it's really good!

ももそら said...

Yup! love it too~!!