Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Haven't been blogging much.... I have so many things to blog about but was pretty busy with my 2nd digital story. Finally its done and at last it was submitted (although my internet connection is awfully stupid today!) I did my story about Tokyo! Somehow its like a continuous serial to my 1st story. Haha! Hmm... Aiming for a high distinction!!! (if nothing goes wrong)

For the days coming ahead till the 19 Dec. Its time for me to work very very very hard on my last assignment! Strategic communications paper!! Its a bloody 80% for this module and I am super stress! Because its a 4000word paper, plus I did shit for the previous paper. Its really shit. So, I hope I can work real hard for this one. Sigh..........I dread starting on it already.

Anyway, I'm just done with some packing. Finally the bags looked organised and less dusty. I wonder why my house is so dusty! Its the downside for staying on an uphill windy area. Things get easily dusty all the time! And my furniture are white some more!! Then I sneeze like hell whenever I need to pack and clean. I need a 'Maryann' or 'Maria' or 'YATI!!'

Tomorrow its back to office! I quite miss my work station. Tomorrow shall be a slack day! But I think I got a few things to work on..... Recently I have soooo many things to buy. I'll be rich very soon~~~ Should I buy an air ticket? or a bathtub or what~? I think I should buy an iphone 4 in white. Wonder when is it coming in. Iphone is pretty ugly and only the white one looks decent. I know I am shallow when it comes to gadget.
By the way, Kinokuniya is having christmas sale soon! 9-24 dec! Yey, I love Kino sale~ Recently I had been reading this manga 戀空. I know its an old story but I love it so much! And I dont usually read comic but I really love the comic version of this story! Its a true story and damn touching!!!! I can see myself falling in love with Hiro all over again!!! The comic is more detailed than the movie. By the way, I bought the chinese translated version of the novel too and Mika's photo diary. I want to cryyyy!! I wonder if there is a cartoon version. Im a big fan for this kind of story.
Here's some funny pictures took with my friends during a birthday dinner at Klapsons! Nice boutique hotel~

That's all for my recent update! Going to read magazine and sleep now!

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