Tuesday, November 2, 2010


He is my new pet, Marimo. If you don't know, marimo is an algae..... Check this out! http://www.north-p.co.jp/ When I bought him (I gave him a gender), it was love at first sight. In fact I already have a mini one at home. But this one I saw is bigger, greener and cuter! And its believed that if you took good care of Marimo, talk to him and gave him alot of love. It will somehow made your wishes come true! Haha, others might think this is a total crap. But its quite nice to believe it too right?

Anyway, today its the final lecture! After that my dear lecturer Mr Sturck is going back to Adelaide. He is so dramatic and a fun person! I enjoyed his every single lecture. Its so sad how I can grew emotionally attached to every lecturer after attending their last lesson. Anyway, my degree course is a part time one and the lecturers are somehow "air-flown" from Aussie all the way to Singapore to teach. And our assignments are submitted online. They are all so positive people, very inspiring and nice. How good if the Singaporean lecturers can learn from them. I realised its like im having this long distance relationship with my lecturers too......
And today I just finished my 2nd last semester! (minus the assignments due) An we are already planning to graduate in Adelaide next year! We were brainstorming what to do in Adelaide in August. Far too early to plan, but its exciting to think about. ^___^
Yes, and I hope Mr Sushi can be there as well. But if only his busy busy busy schedule allows him to.... Well, I guess im going to have a great time with my classmates there!
And here's some more camwhore shots before class today.
(my bloody bling shades...there are soooo many diamantes, an absolute attention seeker)

Make up of the day,
did u realise how long those falsies are? Yes they are THAT long~ And see those stars in my eyes ! ^_^V

Somehow, i think this pic has got the winter feel.....haha. And im wearing a furry jacket by the way.

Going to sleep now! Oyasumi~ (By the way, I met this really nice guy today. And he is just plain lucky that I replied to his messages finally. He should go and buy lottery. haha!)

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