Monday, November 1, 2010

A new shopping paradise

You know what, I was hyperventilating in excitement when I see this!



Dear Mr Stark let us off early from class today. After one stressful morning of presentation, I decided to go shopping after class. Then I remember this weird new departmental store I saw at Heeren and decided to check it out. It has a weird name ALT. I dont know what stands for. But the place is damn surprising!!! Level 3 totally reminds me of LOFT in Japan. The cosmetics were arrange according to types and categories and not the brand. Suddenly I find myself standing infront of the full range of falsies....I didnt know which to pick.

Then I walked over to the eyeshadow range, then the foundation, then the lipstick... There are all kinds of brand and some really exotic and nice brands from Japan as well! But too bad there isnt any Sweets sweets range. Its one of my favourite lipgloss from Japan. I blogged about it quite some time ago. They have the nicest color and keep my lips moisturised for the entire day! Really love that and I was so sad i couldnt find it anywhere in SG now. Disappointing.

As I was walking around, I was pretty impressed with the layout and concept. I guess the owner must have wanted to follow the LOFT concept. The testers were brand new...and guess what, I saw the furry heart shaped cushion I saw 2 yrs back when I was shopping in LOFT!

Although this new departmental store makes me damn happy, but its still not comparable to LOFT of course. That is like 7 storeys high and this is a pathetic 3 storey....haha. But I am really looking forward to see some kind of evolution in SG! ^^

Well, apart from this big discovery, I went to Uniqlo to check out some socks. But I didnt get any...and instead I got myself a pink checkered long sleeve shirt and a long grey leopard print vest. As usual.....I ended with things that are the least unexpected. Then I walked over to MUJI for some tea and I bought this sea urchin pasta sauce (intend to cook pasta tomorrow). I really hope it taste nice~ Wonder why but I dont have much confidence in that. Haha!

Anyway, recently I bought this pudding cos it looks too cute. Its sea salt flavor. I thought the topping is caramel but end up its coffee. Not so bad a taste, but a little milky at the first taste. Subsequently its quite nice~ A little expensive for such a small pudding~ I guess meanwhile I will just stick to Tampopo Deli's custard pudding! My all time favourite.

And here's a randome photo~ Its a wig as well...haha ^^ Cheers!


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Yeah, the pudding packaging looks cute, but sea salt flavor?? I'm glad it didn't taste that bad after all. I guess I like the bob wig better than this one if I'm honest if I compare the two. Looks like you found a fun store to shop in there. :-)

ももそら said...

Yea! I prefer the bob wig too! Dou this one looks better before i wear it on my head. Haha! I just came back from my last lecture and im soooo tired! ^^ Hope u had a great day too!