Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blessed women

I was chatting with someone today. And he told me how much he missed his gf whose overseas now. He couldnt sleep cos he was lonely. Then he said he regretted not leaving with her. He was waiting for her reply in the msn...just like what I used to do. Now still...

He is such a nice boyfriend. Not hiding his feelings for the one he love. Not hiding the fact that he has a girlfriend to another stranger female. She is such a blessed women.
He told me I will meet a man who can be there for me whenever I need him. Haha, I really hope so~ If love is always like 2 parallel lines, I wouldnt want this kind of insecurity. Sometimes I really think that I deserve something or infact someone better. But thats not within my control. I know letting go would free my hand to get hold of something better. But, how could I free myself when I'm not even sure if I got any on my hands?

Anyway, she has such a nice boyfriend and I was almost jealous.

I like a man who doesnt hide his real feelings, although love is a guessing game. He could just leave a love note on my wall...I would be much happier then.

Anyway, heres some pics to share. I went to a place recently....and we left a message in a bottle...
throwing it into the sea!

It was HOT! But surprisingly a nice tranquil little place

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