Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lip Concealor

I'm a big fan of Tsubasa as well as Candydoll stuff! But I didnt bother to try their lip concealor which is one of the best selling product. I love the nude look but I think I cant carry out the look well. Nudie lips made me look like a sick person. Although it will look nice in the morning, once I stepped into office and look at myself under the hell flourescent lightings, I look damn ugly!

Then, I managed to find this lip concealor which doesnt give me a sick look! Cos its not beige in color but very light strawberry milk pink! And its hydrating and really conceals my lip lines. Good thing about it being pink is that I can wear it bare. Sometimes I put a bit of red gloss over to give it some gradient in color. Overall, Love it.

This lip concealor is from SANA. Got it from SASA. *loves*

Applied leave from this wed till next wed! And today I went to Liang court for some revision. Love the peaceful noon without disturbance. And since im going to be at home for the rest of the days, I need to get some groceries too. My recent fav is the soya coffee. It taste like coffee, less sweet but its actually made from soya. Super healthy!
Also bought some pasta and mentaiko sauce. Its has been a while since I cooked. ^^

And of cos, I bought my favourite green tea.

Face: Biore sunblock + Skin 79 BB cream + Candy doll face powder + Loreal powder concealor +Fasio loose powder + Eyeconcealor from Etude House + Shu Uemura blusher in wine 24 + Candydoll mashmallow purple highlight

Fasio pink eyeshadow + Heavy rotation liquid liner + dramatic falsies + Majolica mascara + Pink Pearly liner from Etude House (line them at the inner corner and bottom of the eye + Loreal thin eyeliner pencil (draw them on the waterline and the inner corner of the eye)
Lip: SANA lip concealor + KATE lip gloss in red

Suzy's Zoo top...haha...I like this stupid bear

By the way, its damn sucky cos I had became more and more forgetful! I can buy 2 exact same magazines without knowing I already read it at home. I end up having 2 EGG, 2 Popteen, 2 Vivi mag. What a waste of money!!! Sigh.

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Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

lol I do that sometimes, too, where I buy a book I've already read, etc. so you're not alone. I like that cute bear tee. :-)