Monday, November 22, 2010

Hokkaido Fair

By the time I blog this, the Hokkaido Fair has already ended.... But I still want to blog about it cos it makes me happy! ^^ Recently there's this Hokkaido Fair at Meidi-ya and finally there's the consomme potato chips! It's my favourite 'comfort chips' but recently sold out in Meidi-ya. But there have tons of it (in different pakaging) during the fair. So I put like 5 packs of chips on the trolley (including my friend's share)
I had my brother with me that day, so he can carry all the groceries. And I ended up buying the Mt Fuji mineral water too. Although I know it will never taste the same as the on I bought from Narita.

Then guess what! Miso ramen flavor chocolate! Apart from this, there are other exotic flavors like Buta Don (pork rice) and curry flavor chocolate. I chose the miso one cos it somehow reminds me of the Shoyu Kitkat that I love. Nice packaging and all but the taste was rather disappointing. No miso taste at all.... just taste like normal chocolate! Why~~~? So, its still inside my fridge now. I would still prefer the Melty Kiss chocolate in rum flavor.
Other than potatoes, crab, more consomme chips, another popular thing will be the Yubari Melon. That bloody melon which can cost up to $88. There are tons of melon products at the fair. Melons melons everywhere...but sign of my favourite melon juice.
There are melon kitkats, chocolates, giant pocky, croquette, hokkaido milk, mochis, daifukus and all. But overpriced... However, I got my melon kitkat at $9! I know its expensive!! But, its a seasonal thing...haha. And its really nice!
Also got this Yubari Melon Cream puff!!! Its the nicest puff i've eaten ever! EVER!!! The one from Tampopo Deli is already ranked first. But this one is somehow nicer than that. The cream inside is so 'melony' and the texture is the same as ice cream. Unlike the normal whipped cream texture in normal cream puffs. The pastry is nice too! Everything is nice! And its $4, quite cheap I think... I'll definitely buy it if I see it again.

So that's all for the Hokkaido Fair! ^^

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