Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Furry Autumn

Favourite dinner of the night from Meidi-ya at Liang Court. That night was lucky and its almost magical! Everything goes well and even the food. Anyway, enjoyed the evening although it was drizzling and only bloody 24deg.
Well, see my monster furry tail?? I brought that to office and my colleague pinned it on me. I forgot bout it totally and almost want to walk around in that tail of mine! Its super furry but I guess u see it everywhere in Tokyo now! Haha...
Sometimes I love ridiculous things...Don't you?
Pre-order this tail from a Japan website through a local shop owner. Here's her blogshop. I love it max and service is gooood! Her items are reasonable (after I converted it to yen). Unlike some other blogshops that overcharged! Its really crazy~ I ordered the Cosmagic blusher from this shop at only $27.90! Some other blogshops probably selling it at $40!???

They do have many nice stuff and best thing is the shop is near my office! I can pop by anytime. Happy shopping!

Face mask and time to sleep! お休み!


shanjae said...

Your fur tail is so big and cute!!

ももそら said...

^__^ hehe~