Monday, October 25, 2010

Course completed

Finally my ISO course is over! I am so going to miss the trainer. He is so funny and nice!! Sob....I'm glad I completed the course AND the exam. I wonder how I score..but heck la. Tomorrow I shall go back to office. The for the rest of the week I will be having some well deserving break. Then this coming weekend its time for school again....Back to my communications course. And this time's module's going to be Organisation and Communication. Wth.... sounds damn boring! And its a 4 day lecture. I'm sooooo going to die.

Today after class I went to Far East for a little sh0pping. But end up spending alot of money on clothes and shoes. I saw this black pair of Christian Louboutin inspired shoe and its love at first sight! $32 bucks...38, slightly big for my feet and slightly small for my toes.....I still bought it!

Then, I also bought a bloody white cardigan with cute pink buttons, a weird looking vest and a Suzy's Zoo tee...And they are very cheap cos on sale! And then I bought another white pair of heels cos my old one is wearing out. This is the 3rd or 4th exact same pair I've bought from the same shop! They are so comfy and match all my clothes.

After I went to Isetan intending to get my dinner there. However they are doing some setting up for some dono what japan fair coming. So its quite a mess. My arms were breaking, so I walked all the way to Taka to get my dinner. Bread from Crystal Jade! ^^

And now i'm home~ Its a super nice weather today. Cool and happy... I was walking alone at Orchard just now and it was drizzling slightly. Not much crowd, lots of lightings and the floor is bright from the reflection. Suddenly it reminds me of Omotesando. Exactly like the day when it was raining and I was almost blown away by the strong wind.

Nice~ And for once throughout these 2 month. I am feeling really happy.

Here's a pic that I took while I was drinking tea and eating cinnamon roll in this very nice cafe in Omotesando. And it was raining outside. And I felt damn blissful then. Ahhh!! I miss that place laaaaaaaaaaaa!


Naka said...

cute photos and the cardigan sounds so nice ^^ and congrts on completing the course :)

ももそら said...

Thank you Naka~! I'm glad I completed the course too. It was quite tedious! Hope u have a great evening too ^^

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That dress is very cute, and I love the shoes. Congratulations on finishing your ISO course. What is an ISO course about?

ももそら said...

Hi !! Thanks for dropping by~ ^_^ I love those shoes too, but actually they are not very comfortable....haha. Well, the iso course is all about internal quality audit! Sounds boring right? ^^

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Thanks. I guess sometimes we sacrifice comfort for fashion, lol, but those shoes look worth it. :-) Yeah, that course does sound boring, but probably something I have to learn, too. I have to get a an ITIL certification next month, and so have to probably study that. Too bad blogger doesn't email me when people reply to my comments on their blog. I just happened to see your reply, but would not normally know about it. I know that some commenting systems like Disqus (which I use on my blog) and IntenseDebate email you when you get comments or replies, but I know it is a hassle to setup, too, so there's that. anyway, it was good to find your cute blog, and I'll come back to check out your new posts :-)