Friday, October 22, 2010


My new hair...basically...the same color. Light brown~ I think I cant take other reddish tones nor black. Although i'm quite tempted to color black at times, and with black hair u need to be very very fair~ But its damn difficult to switch from black to blonde again. So, heres my usual light color hair. And being rebellious as usual, the more everybody wants me in black hair, the more I wont oblige~ haha.
And yea....I cut my hair.

Ok if u have noticed...

My hair is still long~ I didnt cut it short, although it looks like short hair on those photos.
Just layered the sides and top to make it lighter. And I so love my new hair. And of course my favourite stylist Nana!! She had her own salon at Far East Plaza now. Previously from Chapter 2. Love love her! Lee's Coiffure #04-78. She can always get the color I want.

And here's one of my favourite nail art! Roses ~ Really easy to do...You just need the following:
- Black polish (base)
- Pink polish (dot them randomly)
- white polish and toothpick (Use the toothpick, line the edges with white using 3 strokes, so that it looks like a rose. Be careful not to close up those strokes, else it will not look natural)
- Green polish (Use toothpick again, dip the green polish and draw little strokes as leaves)
Finally is top coat and DONE! Super easy............... took less than an hour.

That's all for now~ Anyway, I bought a black wig recently, gotta try them out tomorrow!! hehee~

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