Saturday, September 11, 2010


I had been spending too much money recently. And I just paid my school fees! Freaking $3595sgd.... I am telling myself it is all worth it. Knowledge is power and power is money. What?! Anyway... 2 more semesters and Im freeeeee. Just 2 more semesters and I can set myself free to Tokyo.

I'm obsessed with my nails recently. I realised it is a good distraction when im feeling down, pissed, frustrated. Doing manicure is like a meditation. But I get frustrated again when I'm painting my right fingers. Bought a book on nail art and had been trying to pick up some nice designs from the books and Youtube.

Here's the spring look...haha. Although its already summer~

Every morning before work

I'm getting sick of my hair, eye color, and clothes. Time for some change~! However, I need some serious thoughts. Today I intended to study in Starbucks, but I fell asleep and slept my way through the whole noon. ARG! I hate that!!! It means tonight I gotta burn some midnight oil in the public relations assignment..... And tomorrow I hope I can really complete the assignment. Damnnnn



s.creamy said...

whuaa I love your nails, look so pretty!

do you dye your hair by yourself? :)

ももそら said...

Thanks!! I used to dye my hair myself but its way too long now, so I go to the salon. Always the same colorist, same salon. (^_^)v

Clover said...

you have really a talent for nail art!
what did you use? they are so cute!^^
I like your style^____^

ももそら said...

I got my nail polishes from Daiso! Those that comes with the fine tips. Then just follow the design on books and draw~~~ Anyway, heres a few good videos on youtube!

its looks easy and are super cute!!