Friday, September 10, 2010

Tofu Love

I had been using this for quite some time but always don't remember to blog bout it. Its not something new in Japan but its definitely new here. While I was reading my magazines, I noticed most japanese models use this. And now I tried it for myself.

This TOFU LOVE Professional Makeup Sponge are latex-free makeup sponges that are gentle on the skin. Its known to have excellent absorbency and picks up the correct amount of foundation for your skin! Its super soft and creates a beautiful flawless finish! Unlike some other sponges with weird rubbery smell and makes my face cakey if I applied too much powder/foundation.
Love it to the core and introduced it to my friends too~ Also it looks cute...heart shaped!!! *loves*

Here's the site for more details. And its sold in Watsons now $9.90 (if I didnt remember wrongly)

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