Monday, September 13, 2010

Hair bleach

I wonder why there are so little choices when it comes to hair tongs and straightener. I went to Watsons and felt disappointed. I cant even find a mini hair straightener. I just need one for my fringe. In the end I bought a big one.... and turn out not that good too. I guess I just have to get mine in my next visit to Tokyo.

Recently, Singapore brought in a series of Palty hair dye. I had been wanting to try that but my hair is far too long and difficult to color it myself. So I would just stick to my favourite stylist. She always manage to get that ash blonde color out without having to bleach my hair. And I saw a few reviews on Palty hair dye that its quite damaging to the hair. My is brittle enough, so I won't be taking this risk.

However, I got myself something from Palty. That is the Palty mist bleach! Its touching up of black roots and can be used all over to lighten the hair color too. Havent try it....but I shall be using it soon cos my black roots are coming out. I hope its good! ^^

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