Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Lost Eyebrow Mascara!

It rained whole day today. However, its a peaceful happy little day. Today after work, I made my way down to Liang Court for dinner. I bought the メォンパン (melon bread). As I mentioned before, it has nothing to do with melon except the appearance. Its just like the HK Bo Luo Bao... I prefer the crystal jade one! The first melon bread was bought from favourite person. Somehow I forgot the taste, so I bought 1 to help me recall how it taste like. Well, did not succeed. I guess the one I bought has got chocolate chip inside.

Anyway...way too sweet!

I guess sometimes its just useless to make yourself love something which you dont. It might be special to someone, but it can never be my favourite. And melon bread just let me recall things which I dont want to. Perhaps the 2nd and the last time. I shall stick to my crystal jade luncheon meat bun.

I'm addicted to spending time alone. Its rather nice going groceries shopping alone, study at the quiet cafe alone, going to bookstores alone, strolling alone. At least I dont need to talk and I can walk at my own pace. But sometimes, boring..... Cos my attention span is very short.

Today I collected my Meidi-ya card. I felt stupid not signing up for the card since my workplace is so near and we practically rot there all the time. I wonder how much $ I spent at that japanesy place. I went to my favourite veggie and fruits section to check out the peach again. Its still $16.90 and I still never buy them. Had I grown sick of them?? I'm quite surprised I didnt spend $ on them. Another happy thing, I found my long lost eyebrow mascara! Although its not the same one that I got years back, the texture and color is so close! I am super more Palty eyebrow mascara from Japan! And best thing is that it is blonde! Match my hair completely.

This is the one! I got it from Nishino Pharmacy at $16.50. There are 3 colors available. The texture is abit watery which makes it less clumpy unlike the Palty ones.

Also, I bought 2 of my favourite magazines! Popteen and Popsister. Many interesting rubbish things inside other than just plain fashion. Going to read them now~ ^_^ Im glad I still have time to read my magazines. I guess next week after I will be reading stuffs on Advertising...sob...School is starting!!!

Some random photos!

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