Saturday, July 3, 2010


Had dinner at the airport today. Going there just makes me feel like leaving SG. Its nice and peaceful (minus rowdy kids and noisy families.....) Airport is one of my favourite place to go. But veeery far from my house cos I live near the city.
Anyway, I go nothing to blog and is feeling abit sleepy. Its only 10.20pm! Night is still young... I was asking brother some random questions just now. I was wondering if it is possible for me to take a 1 mth break and I shall go and rent an apartment in Tokyo. Just to live a different life. Actually its possible because I had more than enough leave and I know where is the cheap apartment. BUT! I cant think of anything to do if I were to go there except eat, sleep, shop. Means I will end up boosting the economy there. Hmm...not good. Its not like i'm going there to do some business, learn or teach etc. I will end up wasting time and spending too much.
Haha, so..... bad idea.
Unless I can really do something there. Anyway, I am happy enough being a tourist there but probably not a resident. I couldnt deny the temptation to embrace their polite, beautiful country but I still dont fancy the racism culture there.
By the way, I just 'popart' myself. ^_^

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