Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Neutral wednesday


Tiring Wednesday! I almost forgot there's yoga lesson today. I shall not be lazy ..... Recently I happen to find one of my photos when my hair is black! I like it but dont it really bores me. It just made me feel not me la..

I feel happy with blonde! ^^ Anyway, I just received a good news! hehe~ happieee...

Its a dull, lazy, neutral wednesday... Its too early to determine whether my day is good. No matter what I hope it can be better. Perhaps my day will be even better if I'm able to get the mentaiko onigiri after yoga class.

I had been waiting for the atas peach to be imported to Singapore. Its finally here...but how come i dont feel the excitement anymore. Im looking at the atas peach which cost 2 for $17bucks. And I hesitated... I guess its because I had just bought another $2.50 peach which doesnt taste nice. Haha. Hmm..... And maybe its because there's no one to share my joy with.

And I want this....momo Kit Kat


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