Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orange summer

Spring will be ending and soon its summer! I received my carrot orange blusher today! Happiee... It's the first time I am trying out this bright orange color. I wonder how it will look like on my face. Recently, I realised I'm really into 'carrots'. I'm going to paint my nails orange soon. Anyway, this blusher look so nice on Tsubasa. Although I know that 99.999% goes to photoshop, yet I'm tempted and willing to give it a try. But, quite scary...I hope I wont turn out like some yellow-face women. I ordered my Candydoll stuff from LoveCosme Closet. Love their service, fast and effecient~ Will surely order more stuff from them again! Check out their blogshop here.

Winter fashion has ended and there goes my furry bags, cool / dark colour clothes into my wardrobe. Now its all left with flowers, pastel, dresses, nude, rattan, and whatever. I love spring~ I will miss the fashion once they are over. Haha, I wonder what's next for summer. Somehow I am not looking forward to the summer fashion cos the magazines will tend to focus too much on bikinis. Hmm, speaking of bikinis, we are still discussing where to go for a short getaway. Island getaway! Must be cheap and good. I hate myself for being poor this year. The school fees are killing me bit by bit.

This week flies like nobody's business. This weekend I gotta spend my day doing assignments again.'s neverending!! Hate hate hate. I just want to go Tokyo.

And.....I am sad.....because I am not getting my Duffy. Sigh, its hard to depend on people. I should have get it earlier!!


Do you know why is Duffy named Duffy? Cos Minnie wrapped it up in a duffel bag ! Haha, quite lame but cute. I wonder who else in the world around me is going to Disneysea. Although its a bit sad to buy Duffy for myself......since it has such a romantic story behind it. But...I dont think favourite person will be doing things like going to Disneysea alone just to get me that dumb Duffy. Sigh~ Although I thought every girl's favourite man should be able to do stupid things like that.

Perhaps it only happen in dramas.

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