Monday, May 24, 2010

Facebook Japan

Previously I was doing some research on the inflow of US media. That made me realise how strong is the US media in influencing all the asian countries. All the apple products, the movies and websites... It is undeniable that the local culture and national identity will soon be gone. But one thing I've noticed, is that Japan is one country which is able to sustain and protect their national identity very strongly.

Although Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, My Space... and all nonsense sites had started to build in Japanese language capabilities, it still did not manage to conquer the Japanese. The addiction to Facebook is not there for the Japanese. Why? Because Facebook comes too late! I was chatting with favourite person one night and I asked him how many Japanese uses Facebook. He said not many, because Japan already has a similar website ages ago. Recently I was surfing around and realised that they have something call Mixi. It's exactly like Facebook which allows you to share photos, blog, create your profiles etc etc. Perhaps the applications may not be as cool as Facebook eventually. But the Japanese love it.

I also realised this little irritating thing about Mixi. That is they do not allow non Japanese people / Gaijins to join. They only allow invites from another person (a japanese) or only if you have a japanese mobile email address! To them, perhaps a good way to 'filter' the rest and protect their little japanesey society. But that also stop them interacting with people outside that little japanesey world. Exposing them to more cultures, friends and different things. Maybe that's why the national identity of Japan is strong but it also made them rigid and stubborn. But probably to some, it protrays a sense of racism for other people outside Japan or even foreigners staying in Japan.

And I don't really fancy that.

I realised I am starting to blog like my 2000 word essay. Haha!! The after effects of too much research and essay writing. But anyway, I hope the people there could open up and accept new things and share new things.

Afterall, the world is round.

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