Sunday, May 30, 2010


I had no mood to blog recently. My dearest Bebe had just passed away this week. Everytime I closed my eyes, I felt that stabbing pain in the heart. Then the memories came flashing back. Yesterday I decided to get out of the misery by going out. I went to orchard alone and walked around aimlessly like a ghost. Not totally aimlessly, but its really just walking alone. I walked from Taka-->Wisma-->Ion-->Borders-->Isetan-->Far East-->Liang Court. Alone. It was pretty peaceful and therapeutic. At least, I can sleep that night.

I bought 2 magazines. Ranzuki and MORE. I love Ranzuki although the models are quite sucky. But lots of interesting things inside. MORE is not a magazine for teens but probably something between late 20s to 30s. But its a good read too. Alot of info behind but very wordy and difficult to read...... My Japanese suck. Well, infact I bought the MORE issue this month because of the freebie bag. Its in spring design and super nice. Worth to get~ Anyway, at least the magazines gave me something to do at home. It makes me happy.

I had not been logging online very often cos I don't know what to do up here. I had not been talkiing to favourite person too because I guess he's busy... Just let me be alone for a while.

I ohpe things get better. Other than my dead pet, there are more things ahead for me to work on. Im stuck here while time is still moving on without me. Ok, I need to clean up my room!

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