Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sayonara Web

If you notice the sidebar of my blog. There is this message in a bottle thing. Its an application from a Japanese website. You can pick up a random bottle and read the message inside. Or write a new message yourself and throw it back to the sea. Then somewhere around the world, someone with that application will be able to pick up your bottle message and read it. You can even draw on it. The person who picked up your bottle could be link to your blog if they click on the 'from' button. That is so cute~

I discovered another website called Sayonara Web. Its something like the message bottle thingy. For you to pen down your sadness and post it there. I love the layout and theme of the site. If u notice, everything is in teardrop. Make me want to (T_T)....

Its all in Japanese. Check it out. Cute and sad little site.

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