Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The global benchmark

Singapore is always striving to be a global city, the top where people always learn from. Recently, I just had this idea of an e-receipt. You see....those slips of harmless papers always makes my wallet fat. It looks as if I'm collecting them and reminds me of how much money I had splurge to save the economy.

Receipts always end up in the bin. They are quite sickening...and imagine those trees that were killed? If I continue to shop, its either I'll reincarnate into some trees or some useless receipts crushed and dump into the bin. Why can't we have an e-receipt?? And it's and will going to be a global thingy.

It's like the fancl member card lah. Everybody should get this small, flat little plastic card. Whenever you go shopping, just pass the card to the cashier and the amount will be somehow embossed / stamped there. When you go to another shop, the amount just accumulates. If you want to view the details, just flash your card like an EZ link on any atm machine to check the breakdowns. How smart!! Save paper!!!!!

This is economy drive. Why nobody is enforcing that ah? Its going to be a big change, but I think people will not have much objections to this 'save the world' kind of change.

zzz....i'm posting my ideas here so that some dumb or clever scholars can just plagarise whatever they want for their boring paper.

Go ahead....

I'm looking forward to a global change. The e-receipt!

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