Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black hair

I was packing my drawer and realised I had a temp BLACK hair dye. Unopened...chuck in one corner... I decided that I should try it out today! It Black!!! Although its a temporily hair dye, but I'm quite scared.. What happen if my hair doesn't go back to blonde? I will cry and scream and pull my hair.

Before I start to regret, I just mixed the stuff, put on the nozzle and apply it to my hair. Now there's no turning back. Luckily 1 bottle is enough for my hair! Else I'm going to end up dont know like what.

Final result is above my expectations! It black shocked. But its ashy black cos my base color is light. The black will fade within 1-2 weeks, by then I can go back to the salon to get another shade for my hair. Happieee~

I look so different. My hair looks thicker and longer now.



demure rite? ふふふ~~

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