Friday, March 5, 2010

Best Ramen

I had just changed my laptop today. Its small and light with small adapter. But the screen is damn small too. I had to squint my eyes and magnify it whenever especially when I'm doing layout. While i'm enjoying this speedy new lappy now, I still think of my old one once in a while. I had grown so emotionally attached to my Fujitsu... I feel kind of sad, leaving it all alone in my cold office. Sob~ Another 7 more days and we will need to part!!!

I was trying to draft something for my advertisement just now. Then I realised the ad I picked is not an ad to sell any product. Haha, die lo. I shall find something to crap again. This week I am super lazy. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything for the whole day. So this weekend I had to work extra hard to write that 1500words. Shag.

Recently, I had this craving for Ramen.... it used to be the most ridiculous food in my list. Cos its super oily and salty. I am always wondering if I will get into some kidney problems with that amount of sodium in my body. Anyways....I had tried, compared and found the best ramen in Singapore.

It is not that Marutama of course. That forever long Q with not much variety available, nor that Ippudo ramen although it ranked No. 1 in Singapore. Under my personal preference, will be the Sapporo Ramen Miharu from Gallery Hotel!!!

It's ranked Number 2 behind Ippudo Ramen. But I've tried Ippudo and its super long Q with soso taste and noisy environment. Miharu is still the number 1 in my own little list! Although recently their standard seems to drop abit...... but overall nice pork soup base with a buttery smell, and chewy noodles. I am having craving for it at this very moment lor. YUM....

and....quite cheap.

No matter what, I think it is not very advisable to go to that ramen place at Cuppage. I'm surprised its quite popular among some japanese. It taste like shit...Pui!

Here is how the best one should look like............

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