Thursday, March 11, 2010


Had been so busy recently, the usual stuffs, work, study, work, study..nothing else. That sucks! I don't want my life to be just filled with these two pathetic things. Where's my life? I hardly had the energy to put on my beauty diary mask every night, pamper myself like the way I do last time.

Today, I finally made an effort to. And recently I just collected my Shu Uemura blusher in wine 24. Its not very pigmented and very smooth. Produce a very even color and very lasting. Good! I chose the matt finishing one, love it!

Recently, Candydoll had released 2 more new cheek color. The orange for a sunkissed look and the peach for a dolly look. I'm so tempted to get those, but still stick to Shu Uemura for the time being. I realised I had far too many blushers and lip colors. Now the face and loose powder are increasing temendously as well! Hmm....

I am glad now....cos I just manage to finshing my print advert deciphering assignment. Somehow, I think I wrote rubbish again. Whenever I read it the 1st time, it kinda make sense. Then when I read it the 2nd time, it sounded crappy. Then I amend it again and again until it sounds like some professional crap. Then I submit.

Aiya, 2 more to go! For the rest of next week, I will spend half my time dating and half my time doing assignments. Its such a big contrast, I don't know how I can concentrate. Anyway, its a long long 1 week break for me! Woohoo~

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