Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to reality

I'm back! Back to my assignments, work and reality. He went back to Tokyo and we spent a good whole week together. I am sad, but this is something I had to accept right? Haha... By the way, I should be working hard on my essay now, but I can't seem to concentrate. Although I wrote bout 500words now, still 1500 to go! Its damn xxx shitty... I got distracted and start to blog.

I can't stop staring at the Puri kura on my desk. Then, smile and sigh to myself. From last winter to spring, then to summer, autumn, winter and now its spring again. We met last spring and now it had been the 3rd one. I know sometimes its useless counting, sometimes even remembering. Its useless remembering things by yourself anyway.

Why did I sound so negative? Perhaps it's the distance's fault.

Distance kills promises, distance kills everything.

Stop the emo and back to my bimbotic post. I realised my hair color fades slower than I imagined. Now it's still dark brown... I am waiting for it to fade back to blonde then I can color again lor. I kinda miss my blonde hair. Not because it makes me look good, but it makes me feel different. Haha, I guess its true that I wanted to be different since young. Its just me... its in me la.

Recently I had fallen in love with a new color. Its the new 'in' color now. Purplish pink with a blueish hue. It goes well with cool color undertone. So this shade matches blue undertone eyeshadow, clothes, ashy hair etc etc. I realised I had this color in my blusher, lipstick and nail color! Love love that! This kind of color helps in creating the dolly look, especially on the cheeks. But remember not to pair this color with reddish tone. Means do not clash it with warm colors la, like purplish blusher with red lipstick = fail.

My favourite shade, etude house lipstick in PK 008

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