Friday, March 26, 2010

My perfect shampoo

I wash my hair twice a day because the scalp is oily, the ends are dry and its overloaded with hair products. My hair is also long and thin and it's blonde... So, I had been trying to find the best shampoo and conditioner for my hair. In fact, I couldn't find a perfect brand but I had been able to mix and match to suit my hair!

Don't ever believe that everything comes in one whole set. (Except your bra and panty !!)I mix and match my cosmetics, lipstick color, face powder, shampoo and whatever whatever. Every person is unique, so everybody will need something that can caters to all their preferences and needs. Every now and then, I will love to change my body products.

Till now, my favourite shampoo is still Essential naunce airy. It smells nice, doesnt weigh my hair down and it makes the end soft and nice. But I got sick of it a little. And i'm trying something new recently.

I discovered this new shampoo call Ichikami (from Kanebo) in Watsons. Actually I'm attracted to the packaging. Pink, black and sweet! Smells ok~ So I bought the shampoo and the treatment pack. It turned out super good! It's made from some Japanese herbal essence that will repair damage hair. The shampoo is very foamy and I think the treatment is better. Doesnt weigh my hair down as much as Essential treatment pack although it doesnt smell as nice. Ichikami smells very normal..........not sweet, not floral, not fruity...just normal shampoo smell. HAHA, abit disappointed. But overall, its GOOD! I guess I will continue to use the treatment pack.

Other than normal daily shampoo, I actually had this set of 'dating shampoo' hahahahaha! To be used on special days! Dating shampoo is my own term, its suppose to smell super nice and be able to last for a whole day. I thought no such shampoo exist until I found it! In fact my dating shampoo is quite common. Its from MUJI!! (Peach flavor)

I love it to the core, it made my hair smell super nice and I can even smell it the whole day. But the sad thing is I think SG is not bringing in anymore......So far I can only spot a few bottles left in Marina Sq's outlet. Soon, its going to be gone... Perhaps i shall go to Japan to stock it up!

So, do you have your own set of dating shampoo? ^_^

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