Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Romantic New Year

Happy New Year! It's a romantic new year filled with love this year. Like what Candy said, everybody is being loved this Valentine's Day! I got no flowers this year.... *sad* but got lots of money. Ok lah, its my 'hard earn' money. Having to travel from houses to houses in my high heels, hot weather and heavy bag to bai nian... Earn a few hundred bucks is worth it.

Talking about V day, its mixed feelings for me. Cos I had never celebrate Valentine's Day with anyone before. It gets kind of sucky and sour when its pink and roses, teddy bears and balloons all around. But yet, it's so romantic. I like Valentine's Day but I hate balloons, teddy bears, and roses are not even my favourite flower. However I don't know why, everything looks cute on V day. Even the ugly bear.

Aiya, anyway...I spent V day + New year with my family this year. The only bad thing is that brother had a slip disc and Bebe is unwell. Bad enough? Hmm, I still need to rush assignments. Sigh, why 2010 so sucky ?! But I did one romantic thing on this sucky V day.

Godiva sent with Love from Singapore to Tokyo. *hug*

Happy Valentine's Day!

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