Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eyelash Essence

I'm always a big fan of Canmake. Here's one of my favourite products! Its the Canmake eyelash essence. I had been using it since I was 18..or19... Spotted this thingy in Watsons one day and its quite cheap. I think less than $15 if i can recall. It comes with a freebie (eyelash curler). Although its a freebie but it turns out to be the best eyelash curler ever!! Dump your Shu Uemura lah...canmake is the best! Hahaha
Had tried other brands like Faceshop but I guess nothing beats this. This eyelash essence protects your eyelash and makes it longer. You can use it at night before sleeping or as a base before you put on your mascara. I had tried using it only (without any mascaras), then curl my eyelash using the curler. It works! My lash still looks long despite with no mascara loh. Good!
Too bad I dont have a picture of the freebie eyelash curler. Its black in color by the way. I hope I spot them anywhere again...I will buy a few more stock up!

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